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Flash Spin Dryer, Gujarat, India


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Flash Spin Dryer

They are quick, efficient, continuous and less labor intensive. They can be used for drying wet cake/granular having up to 80% moisture but material should have characteristic of free following after drying.

The material is fed in to mixture, which disintegrates it into smaller lumps, which are then fed into drying chamber by variable feeder, driven by geared motor, having specially designed stirrer. The Hot Air enters the drying chamber and under high turbulence condition, drying process starts. The dried material travels upward in drying chamber under influence of process blower and is separated in cyclone and bag-filter.

The material of construction is M.S., S.S, and Aluminum depending upon process requirements.

The process air is heated by any of the option:- steam, thermic fluid, hot air generator, working on either oil, or gas or solid fuels.

The drying capacity up to 800 kg/hr moisture removal rate is offered as standard equipments.

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