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Double Paddle Mixture, Gujarat, India


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Double Paddle Mixture

Double paddle mixture has two counter rotating shafts fitted with specially angled multiple paddles, which keeps the power in fluidized state during mixing cycle. The two shaft unit rotates inside the specially designed mixture body. Paddles reach all corner of the body to ensure complete mixing. The fluidization is intense and complete that any addition of small quantity of liquid, paste or powder as additives also gets thoroughly mixed. The entire mixing process takes place in less than two minutes, makes it as a fasted and most efficient mixture in the market, with mixing efficiency of 99.5%.

Two counter rotating shafts are driven by motor through gear box and especially triplex chain and gears. The pneumatically driven bottom discharge door ensures fasted discharge of powder.  It is possible to provide small pin mill as lump breaker to ensure complete mixing.

The mixture is offered in stainless steel and mild steel construction and available in 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000 lit capacity

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