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Bag Filter

We offer both fully automatic, reverse pulse jet type and mechanical shaker type bag filter for removal of fine,non sticky dust.The fully automatic reverse pulse jet bag filter have,specially designed bag of high efficiency filter media.

The reverse pulse jet bag filter are most suited for centinux operations. The elecronic centraled pulse generator, coupled with compresed air opereted pulse valve generates high magnitude pressure wave to clean bags at predelermined inlaval.

The filter bags are made up of high filteration effecency, pp or similar, nonwoven material,and due to plated design, does not require bag supporting cages.

  • Capacity : 500 m3/hr –to-2,00,000 m3/hr
  • M.O.C. : MS, SS, MS with FRP lining
  • PRESSURE : Offered for both negative Positive
  • Pressure drop : In range of 100 mm of WG
  • Efficiency : 98% down to 5 micro.

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